Group texting for businesses, orginazations, and individuals

A few months ago, I was thinking about things I would like to program. I made a list of things I really wanted to make. Pytext wasn't on that list, however at one point I thought: "Can I use python to send myself a text?".

Throughout the development of Pytext I would think "Could I use python to...", and then a new feature would be born. Right now, I'm at "Could I use python to add a GUI?". In less than a month I'm expecting to finish the GUI and roll it out.

You may be wondering: "What is pytext?". Pytext is a new evolution of group texting software designed for everyone. We have a different version for everybody and hope that pytext is used for all kinds of awesomeness.

Imagine that you're a small business owner. You own a bakery. Many of your buyers want to know when you finish a new batch of bread because of how quickly it sells out (You make really good bread!). They don't want to use a cumbersome email service and want to simply be updated on their phone. How can you accomplish this?

Just add a form to your website for their emails / phone numbers. We can help you set up a script which automatically adds anyone's email / phone number to a file on a new line. Pytext will read in this file everytime you open it to send out your text.

Imagine that you are a large bank owner. You need to send out reminders to people who are overdue on their payments. You follow the bakers steps and then set up pytext to send out a text every hour to the people you want. Instant awesomeness!

These are just some of the amazing uses of pytext! If you're just an individual and want to use it for personal needs, then get our free individual download!